cheap longchamp bags The Halloween Costume

The Halloween Costume

I used standard craft paper (flesh colored) for the body design (see image). This way it would cover up the flashing when I glued it into place. Once the holes in the cardboard box were cut, I temporarily taped the body paper to the box, ensuring to put small registration marks, and then from the inside traced the holes onto the paper. I attached the paper body with spray adhesive taking care to align with the previous registration marks. The actual game pieces are simply computer paper cut outs and glued into place. For the observant ones, you’ll note that the game does not have a “Kidney Bean”. I skipped the wishbone couldn’t figure out a candy to fit in that shaped hole. Artistic license. J Also note how nicely the buzzer embedded into the thick cardboard of the dishpack box. No glue. just snug fit. The “OPERATION” banners were cut right from a game box. You can see how the Velcrostrips are attached inside each hole. The candy bars also had tiny strips on them securing them into place. The strips on the candy were very small. Larger ones made removal of the candy near impossible.

I am in the process of building this, but I didn go with your 555 circuit. I ended up going with the original one but modifying it. I put 3 LEDs in each box, and then wired them in a series I believe and connected the positive lead to the alluminium box, and the negative lead to the power. I then put a 47 Ohm resistor in front of the tongs. This makes it so that depending on which box you touch that box lights up. I am going to change it from 6v to 12v though because with the buzzer the leds are very dim.

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