About Envision

Our philosophy is simple, we aim to provide primarily standard product designs to meet our customers' needs in a safe and professional manner. These designs are based on our experience and our customers’ ongoing feedback. The “standard” products will continue to evolve based on customer and supplier input. Wherever possible we try to standardize our products and the manufacturing process to continually improve the quality we deliver as well as lower our manufacturing costs to continually deliver you a competitive product.

Tom Braun,
President & General Manager

Relationships that Last
  • With Our Customers
  • With Our Suppliers
  • With Our Employees
  • A safe work environment for our staff and customers
  • A safe and effective product for our customers
  • Training and processes for our staff to ensure proper techniques are used when conducting their roles
  • We strive to clearly understand our customers’ requirements, so we can provide the proper equipment for their applications
  • We have standard processes in place to check and monitor the manufacturing process to ensure quality is maintained
  • All equipment is manufactured to all applicable codes specific to the product and the customers’ requirements