Overview of Flame & Detonation Arrestors

Flame & Detonation Arrestors are key components commonly used in the design of your flare system to prevent the propagation of flame fronts into your piping systems. We offer both Deflagrations (Flame) Arrestors to be used near the source, and Detonation Arrestors which are designed to be used in piping systems.


The Flame Arrestor prevents the propagation of flame from the exposed side of the unit to the protected side by the use of a 316L stainless steel crimped metal ribbon type flame cell element. This construction produces a matrix of uniform opening that is carefully constructed to quench the flame by absorbing the heat.

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The units are passive devices with no moving parts. The Detonation Flame Arrestors provide protection against flame propagation in piping systems that are manifold or have long runs. The arrestors are designed to stop an ignited flammable vapour mixture travelling at subsonic or supersonic vapour velocities.

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