Casing Gas Compressors

Overview of Casing Gas Compressors

Our Casing Gas Compressors are divided into two main categories, the first is primarily for heavy oil applications to recover the low-pressure volume of gas that is vented off these wells to enable oil production and the second is to enhance conventional oil well production by lowering the annulus pressure to stimulate oil production and optimize your oil wells.


Whether you are trying to optimize your Oil Well or recover your vent gas off a Heavy Oil well to become compliant our proven Casing Gas Screw Compressors are the perfect option for you. These can be powered by electric motors complete with a VFD or run off a Hydraulic motor using your Hydraulic Drives for sites using hydraulic equipment already.

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When looking to optimize your conventional oil wells and increase oil production by reducing the annulus pressure on your wellhead our reciprocating compressors are the perfect option for you. They are capable of reducing your annulus pressure to as little as 5psig while achieving 300psig discharge (and higher depending on model) and reinjecting your gas back into your flowline.

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