Flare Stacks

Overview of Flare Stacks

We offer all types of sizes and models of Utility Flares with our core focus being Flare Stacks 100ft tall and under, with these we can offer you competitively priced and quick delivery of a consistent quality built flare.


Our Flare Stacks come complete with either an Electric Continuous Ignitor or a Pilot Gas System c/w Ignitor and Thermocouple Flame Sensing system and we can also offer you a pilot system that meets B149.3-15 compliance requirements.

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In our standard sizes of Flare Stacks, we can offer you either a “Self-Supporting” Flare Stack or “Guy Cable” supported Flare.

Contact us to learn more about our options for free standing and guyed flare stacks.


Where you have rich gas or applications where your flare isn’t burning very efficiently we can offer you “air-assist” systems which come complete with an air blower, airline and air assist tip to increase your burn efficiency and reduce or eliminate that black trail of smoke.

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